Spiral Savings Account

Savings Accounts let you hodl and earn up to 10% APY interest*. Benefit from your assets today without sacrificing future gains.

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Savings Account

Earn up to 10% APY* on USD with no minimum balance of $100. Paid in USD. Withdraw up to 1,000,000 USD at a time (per 7 day period). 0 USD withdrawal fee.

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All funds are insured by our partner companies

The Spiral differnce

Savings made simple

With minimum of $100 balance and no locked-in term, Spiral makes it easy to start earning interest right away while maintaining the flexibility to withdraw as needed.

Earn monthly compound interest

Compound interest means your savings can grow exponentially. Interest* accrues daily and is paid and compounded monthly in savings accounts.

Transparent & verifiable

We are proud to be a digital asset lenading company to complete a Proof-of-Reserves attestation. Spiral clients can verify assets are transparency. Learn more about Uplad transparency here.


As a Black American i have never had such an easy option to invest in startups and earn interest. Thank you Spiral, problem solved! I know I'm able to obtain liquidity in a pinch without the need of liquiditating my assets.

Justin Harrison, Beatle Inc.

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