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We are the pioneers of radical transparency.

Spiral Hodlings Inc is a global mutli-structured financial company that provides a platform for angel investors to
Save, Invest & Earn
on their assets.

Easy and secure place to invest in blockchain, startups, and other financial assets.

Million users


Assets Traded




Build your portfolio with ease

Choose from a wide range of options and start building your portfolio today.

No hassle trade

Choose from our best in class investment products and trade with ease.

Exclusive Feature

We have a wide range of exclusive features that will help you trade with ease.

Compound automatically

Let your savings grow automatically with our compound feature.

Your cassets on-the-go

Manage your portfolio on web for a better experience. So you can trade anytime, anywhere.

Enjoy your financial freedom with

Transparent fees

No hidden fees on deposits** and withdrawals.

Buy and sell packages instantly

Join our community of +1M users to hold, invest, deposit and withdraw any time you want.

Access to the most in demand

Secure and transparent
digital assets.


Registered with FinCEN (US), FCA (UK)
and the Bank of Lithuania.


We publish all transactions and holdings in real-time and adhere to high-security standards.


We are fully reserved. Unlike banks and other firms.
we don’t loan out your money.

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